Since 2004, ACI has been offering a diverse mixture of service and support provision within the realm of trade activities relating to raw materials.  ACI sees itself as a specialist at the intersection of industry, trade and distributors.

Due to the profound changes that have occurred since 2008, especially in the European financial market, and not least because of the increasing demand for high-value commodities, in 2011 ACI took the decision to narrow down its focus to trade in precious metals.

In 2012 this renewed focus resulted in ACI, together with a leading IT service provider for distributors and specialised banks, developing their own processing platform for precious metals, namely gold. At the helm is not only transparency coupled with the highly professional preparation of material, but also the creation of a professional yet extremely user-friendly input/access interface geared towards consumers.

The processing platform created boasts an ample choice of purchasing strategies and bearing points. Our selected group of partner companies and banks place quality, safety and sustainability at the forefront of the purchasing of raw materials by the customer.

Christian Pohl

Klaus Schönfelder

your benefit – our service

  verified gold quality
  attractive purchase price
  confidentiality, discretion and security
  direct access to your personal online account
  easy processing
  determine your own terms of buying and selling
  individual options for storage and delivery of goods
  transparency and access to latest market information